KEDGE Bachelor Wine Specialisations

Admission & Funding for the KEDGE Bachelor Wine Specialisation

  • Admission on file in the 3rd year of the KEDGE Bachelor's programme

    After two years of studies with a focus on management and/or international affairs, the selection process is based on a file and interview:

    Required to enter the KEDGE Bachelor programme in the 3rd year:
  • To be less than 27 years old
  • To be a holder of:
            -a French diploma Bac+2 (BTS or DUT) or a foreign diploma of an equivalent level in the field of economics, management and administration
            -a 2-year* higher education course in economics, management and administration, upon presentation of the 120 ECTS credits validation;

        Minimum English score: 600 in TOEIC or 68 IBT in TOEFL.

    *For candidates with a Bachelor's degree from a School of Management, an authorization from the management of your school will be required. 
  • Admission procedure

    The selection is made in 2 steps:

    Step 1: Submission of the application form online :

        1. Connect to
        2. Fill out the requested information and attach the following mandatory documents:
        - Curriculum Vitae
        - Copy of your ID (ID card, passport or driver's license)
        - Last diploma obtained to date
        - Transcript of post-baccalaureate studies
        - Language Score Certificate

        3. Pay 120 euros of application fee to validate your application.

    (Any application for which the fee has not been paid will be considered incomplete and will not be processed. This application fee is non-refundable and cannot be used for applications to other KEDGE programs).

    Step 2: Interviews
  • Motivational interview (Coefficient 7)
  • Oral English test (Coefficient 3)

    For candidates residing abroad and/or unable to come to our campuses, it is possible to study, on a case-by-case basis, the organization of remote interviews.


  Application deadline
Admissibility Oral exams
Session 1 01/17/21 01/20/21 01/27/21
Session 2 02/28/21 03/03/21 03/10/21
Session 3 04/18/21 04/21/21 04/28/21
Session 4 06/06/21 06/09/21 06/16/21

Admission after 2 year of higher education

Bac +2

1 year - 3-year higher education - Bachelor

€ / year 8200

KEDGE Business School offers several financial aid schemes:

-Banking partnerships
-Scholarships: CROUS, KEDGE, Mobility (ERASMUS...)

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