MSc, Master of Science Wine & Spirits Management

Experience the world of wine and spirits


Eduniversal 2024 French ranking - Wine & Gastronomy Management category


Best Masters 2024 ranking - Food & beverage management and marketing category

Admission level

From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bachelor's degree - 4 years, Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)




MSc, Master of Science


Full Time


September 2024




Eduniversal 2024 French ranking - Wine & Gastronomy Management category


Best Masters 2024 ranking - Food & beverage management and marketing category

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Master of Science (MSc) in Wine & Spirits Management

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Master of Science (MSc) Wine & Spirits Management of KEDGE as introduced by Elodie Guenro, programme director.

campus of Bordeaux


Head of the MSc Wine & Spirits Management


“Wine and spirits are part of an ever-changing ecosystem, a fragmented, complex, yet fascinating industry. To understand the product and its marketplace, solid technical bases are necessary. Students also need to be able to assess the financial, economic, marketing and environmental issues, as well as trends, opportunities and constraints of the market. At KEDGE Wine School, we rely on an experienced education team well aware of the current issues of the market. We also have a broad researchers network and strong relationships with key market players, in Bordeaux  and elsewhere, to pass on knowledge and develop analytical skills. In our specialised Master of Science (MSc), we work with some of the most famous figures of the wine and spirits industry to make sure that pedagogy goes hand in hand with expertise, and that our students are able to adapt to the changes of the sector. To  shape future wine leaders, we are committed to excellence."

Jeremy Cukierman, Master of Wine
Director of KEDGE Wine School

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France

Highlights of the Wine & Spirits Management MSc

In Bordeaux, renowned worldwide for its wine and gastronomy, our programme provides students with unparalleled access to prestigious Bordeaux wine regions including Médoc, Blayais, Côtes-de-Bourg (also known as Bourgeais), Libournais, Entre-deux-Mers, Graves, and Sauternais. Students benefit from total immersion in this unique environment, getting closer to famous vineyards and key partners in the industry. This enriching experience where learning blends with real-world exposure allows them to develop a deep understanding of the industry while establishing privileged connections.

The programme is built upon innovative research conducted by KEDGE's "Food, Wine & Hospitality" Research Centre, a close partnership between research and teaching ensuring distinctive academic excellence and integrating the latest advancements in the field:

  • The Research Centre directly influences course content, enriching teachings with applied and practical research. This approach ensures that students benefit from education grounded in the realities of the wines and spirits industry
  • KEDGE faculty continuously adapts, consistently adjusting courses to reflect the rapidly changing market landscape. This pedagogical agility ensures that our students are equipped with the most current skills.

The programme's extensive network comprises key industry enterprises actively contributing through lectures and case studies. This direct connection offers a rewarding practical experience. Among these influential partners are: Castel, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Grands Chais de France, Bollinger, Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Moët Hennessy CS, Château Rauzan Ségla, Moet Hennessy Diageo, Montess, Advini, Concha y Toro, Thienot Group, La Cité du Vin...

This international programme offers comprehensive preparation for future graduates, featuring key components:

  • All courses are taught in English, fostering the acquisition of a full command of the universal language of business and preparing students to navigate easily in international professional contexts
  • Pedagogical materials, such as simulation games and case studies, explore issues stemming from countries that produce or consume wines and spirits
  • Cohorts are strategically composed of 70% international students and 30% French students, creating a multicultural environment conducive to intercultural understanding
  • Speakers and experts, hailing from around the globe, provide a diversity of experiences and perspectives reflecting the global richness of the industry and contributing to the development of daptable professionals poised to excel on the international stage
  • Joining KEDGE Business School means becoming part of a community of 80,000 alumni, 895 of whom value the MVS programme globally.

KEDGE Wine School has established strong partnerships, including the Bordeaux Wine Campus, accredited by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), offering globally recognised certifications. This collaboration enhances the training by providing students access to high-level education, strengthening their expertise on the international stage. Beyond education, our partnerships open doors within prestigious companies as the synergy between the school and the professional world offers tangible opportunities: students get to apply their skills in real-world contexts through internships, and subsequent professional integration.

The programme's pedagogical approach fosters a unique learning dynamic by promoting continuous interaction among students, teachers, and businesses. Students play a central role in their own development by actively participating in projects integrated into the core of the programme, including:

  • Concrete case studies
  • Collaborative group work
  • "Learning by doing", involving real business projects.

As part of the programme, students participate in a meticulously designed study trip offering an unparalleled immersive experience and an exceptional opportunity to explore the wine world beyond borders. It includes:

  • A 5-day study trip abroad
  • 3 days dedicated to in-depth visits to a French vineyard, enriched by interventions from renowned experts.

To strengthen connections with industry partners and ensure smooth professional integration, students have two options:

  • A six-month full-time internship, providing full immersion in a long-term professional project. This practical experience allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world professional setting, laying a solid foundation for their future careers.
  • A research project - a dissertation, conducted throughout the programme and aiming to study and address specific issues within the industry. Through this research, students develop in-depth analytical skills and gain specialised expertise, enhancing their attractiveness in the job market.

Skills developed in the Wine & Spirits Management MSc

To enhance the employability of future graduates in the market, the courses specifically address the requirements of the wine and spirits sector. They cover key areas such as strategic marketing, major trends in marketing, sales and negotiation, economics, finance, law, entrepreneurship, strategic management, as well as real projects in the wine and spirits domain: a comprehensive preparation to excel in a demanding professional environment.

  • 60 hours of training to achieve level 3 of the prestigious WSET® certification in wines, through a dedicated pathway offered by Bordeaux WINE CAMPUS and its "from beginner to expert" programme
  • A complementary specialisation in spirits
  • In-depth exploration of the sector through visits to wine and spirits producers and merchants, participation in seminars, and a study trip to a European country producing wine or spirits.

Careers in the wine and spirits industry

In the dynamic world of wine and spirits, a wealth of career opportunities awaits those eager to explore this vibrant industry. From production to sales and management, the field offers diverse pathways for aspiring professionals.

Institutions like KEDGE Wine School offer tailored programmes to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this multifaceted domain. Specific training programmes cover a range of essential topics, from wine tasting to marketing strategies, preparing graduates for roles such as oenologists, cellar masters, sales managers, and brand ambassadors.

What sets the wine and spirits industry apart is its adaptability and room for innovation. Professionals have the flexibility to explore various career paths, from hospitality to production, leveraging their expertise and passion to make a meaningful impact. As the industry evolves, there's a growing need for visionary leaders who can drive change and foster sustainability. For those with a passion for viniculture and a thirst for innovation, the wine and spirits industry offers a rewarding and fulfilling career journey. See more careers