KEDGE Wine School

Based in Bordeaux, a showcase city in the global wine sector, boasting a higher concentration of the entire viti-vinicultural sector than anywhere else in the world, KEDGE Wine School is more than just a higher education establishment.

KEDGE Wine School was created as an alternative to KEDGE Wine & Spirits Academy to emphasise our core business, higher education, and our primary vocation, pedagogy through experience and academic excellence. This entity is a true school within the school, encompassing our activities in the field of wine, spirits, sommelier and hospitality on our different campuses in Bordeaux, Paris, and Marseille.

"Reinventing oneself also means thinking. How can we do things differently, even better, even more? How can we keep moving forward? The French wine and spirits industry, as a reference, needs high-level academic institutions to prepare future generations for the challenges of tomorrow. This has always been our ambition, and I believe I can proudly say that today, we are providing an increasingly comprehensive response that meets the expectations of students, companies and our partners. We have achieved this thanks to a history of nineteen years of experience in wine and spirit education, but also by rethinking and developing the model. This gradual evolution has resulted in the adaptation of existing educational content to better adapt to current issues and a changing market, the creation of new programmes, the work of our researchers through our partnerships with major players in the industry. Beyond our mission of educational excellence, Kedge Wine School is committed to supporting the wine and spirits industry in its necessary ecological transition. A commitment materialized by partnerships, by new or reinforced educational content, by the numerous publications of our researchers, and by student experiences that showcase and welcome virtuous initiatives. Our primary mission is to prepare for the future, to contribute to ensuring the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the sector, by training future professionals who are more competent, adaptable and responsible. A necessity and a perpetual challenge that we will continue to meet".

Jeremy Cukierman, Master of Wine
KEDGE Wine School Director


We offer under-graduate and post-graduate expert programmes:

In addition, WorldSom, our sommelier school, whose teaching committee is composed of three of the world's best sommeliers, is involved in our programmes. In particular, it is in charge of the sommelier module of our MSc Wine & Hospitality Management and offers tailor-made programmes to professionals in the industry.