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Admission & Funding for the Master of Science (MSc) in Wine & Hospitality Management

Studies level – required diploma:

What are the admission requirements for the MSc in Wine & Hospitality programme?

Short Track (4 years + of higher education):
- Level of studies: M1 completed, or an International Bachelor's degree (Bac+4), or an equivalent of 240 ECTS credits,
- English level:TOEIC 850 / IELTS 7 / IBT 100 - exemption for native English speakers or candidates who have had more than one year's work experience in an English-speaking country.
Long Track (3 years + of higher education):

- Level of studies: 3 years of higher education attested by a diploma or an equivalent of 180 ECTS credits,
- Level of English: Language score is optional to enter the Long Track, but compulsory to enter the specialisation year of the MSc.

Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)
You would like to resume your studies by integrating our MSc, Master of Science even though you do not have the diplomas normally required to access it? The Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP) allows people who does not have the required qualifications or diplomas to access the different levels of higher education. Find out more about the conditions required.


Selection dates

The selection period for the 2023 academic year runs from October 2022 to September 2023. The selection period will be closed as soon as the programme has reached its quota of new students for the beginning of the school year. It is therefore preferable to apply as early as possible during the selection period.

How to apply to the Wine & Hospitality Management Msc

D Day

Online application on

Online application on

7 key steps to follow to apply online :  

    1.Create an applicant profile on
    2.Choose a programme
    3.Apply for a Merit Scholarship*.
    4.Answer motivational questions
    5.Download the required documents :  
       - A CV
        -A piece of identification (ID card or passport)
        -The last diploma obtained
        -Transcripts of the last training course taken
        -The certificate of schooling if you are in training.
    6.Download the optional documents :  
        -Proof of English score (IELTS, IBT)
        -Another diploma obtained
        -A letter of recommendation
        -A certificate of employment.
    7.Pay the application fee of 120€** per credit card to finalize the application.

* for international candidates only.
** Any application for which the fees have not been paid will be considered incomplete and will not be processed. This application fee is non-refundable and cannot be used for applications to other KEDGE programmes.


Eligibility results

The Admissions team will review your application in order to declare you eligible based on the prerequisites and the academic and professional level required for the programme in question.

A confirmation email will be sent to you within 5 working days from We invite you to check your spam and to add this email address in your address book to be sure to receive future communications. 


Selection tests

If you are eligible, an invitation will automatically be sent to you by email from the address Connect to and book an interview date among those proposed (15 working days maximum after the declaration of your eligibility).  

Candidates will be assessed thanks to :

  • A motivational interview conducted via Skype for 30 minutes with at least a representative of the programme.
  • A 30-question Multiple Choice Test about Wine & Hospitality

A topic to be prepared and presented during the interview will be sent to eligible candidates 24 hours before the interview. As a job interview, it aims to understand the candidates motivations, their knowledge of the program and to judge the adequacy between their professional project and the program topics.


Admission results

Following the selection tests, the admission decision will be sent to you by email within 5 working days from the address You may be declared non-admitted, admitted or on the waiting list* depending on the decision of the programme director and its jury members. As the jury is sovereign, its decision is irrevocable. In case of admission, your admission letter validated by the Director of Programmes will be attached to the reply.   

For international candidates, a reply will also be provided in case of admission on merit scholarship, if the request was made when the application was created.

*on the waiting list, the final answer can be received within a maximum of 8 weeks.


Reception of your registration file

In case of admission, you will receive an invitation to connect to your future student space to start your administrative registration procedure and then receive your registration form to sign online.

A confirmation of registration will be requested within 15 working days following the reception of your invitation via the online signature of the contract and the payment of a deposit. The programmes department will then take over to prepare your return to school.

To assist you with these administrative procedures, we invite you to visit the website.

How to apply ?

Admission level


Short Track

Admission level:

Bachelor's degree - 4 years
Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)
Master of Science (MSc)

24,000€ - 3 academic semesters


MSc, Master of Science

Long Track

Admission level:

Bachelor's degree - 3 years
Regular Pathway

8,900€ - 2 academic semesters

Master of Science (MSc)

24,000€ - 3 academic semesters


MSc, Master of Science


At KEDGE, we strongly believe that students shouldn’t abandon their education projects because of funding problems.

This is why we have launched a financial support plan aimed specifically at helping international students:

  • Early Birds: students applying before March 31, 2023 will automatically be granted an Early Bird discount of 10%.
  • Academic level: we also offer a range of cumulative scholarships based on the candidate's academic level in order to support the high-profile candidates: Achievement scholarship (€2,000) and Academic Excellence (€4,000).

Prodigy Finance : A new solution for international students

This funding solution is available for international graduate students, and loans can cover up to 100% cost of attendance, dependent on individual eligibility. More information here