Food, wine & hospitality


Headed by Olivier Gergaud, the centre of excellence supports transformation taking place in the Food, Wine, Spirits, Catering, Hospitality and Tourism sectors. It offers assistance to decision-makers and develops local and international projects, providing financial support to those working in these different markets. It also plays a role, in close collaboration with Kedge Wine School run by Jérémy Cukierman, in training future managers within these different sectors.  

Lines of research


Claire Lamoureux

Thesis: Wine tourism and performance of wine companies: Analysis of business models

The objectives are to develop a business model classification for wineries developing wine tourism activities, to measure their resilience to crisis, and to improve performance for future development.

The indicators to consider in business modelling: cost efficiency, sustainability and economic impact.

Alicia Gallais

Diana Arcila Perdomo

PHD Students