Food, wine & hospitality


Headed by Olivier Gergaud, the research centre supports transformation taking place in the Food, Wine, Spirits, Catering, Hospitality and Tourism sectors. It offers assistance to decision-makers and develops local and international projects, providing financial support to those working in these different markets. It also plays a role, in close collaboration with Kedge Wine School run by Jérémy Cukierman, in training future managers within these different sectors.  

Lines of research


Claire Lamoureux

Thesis: Wine tourism and performance of wine companies: Analysis of business models

The objectives are to develop a business model classification for wineries developing wine tourism activities, to measure their resilience to crisis, and to improve performance for future development.

The indicators to consider in business modelling: cost efficiency, sustainability and economic impact.

Alicia Gallais

Alicia Gallais is an enologist who graduated from the University of Bordeaux before joining KEDGE Business School in 2019. She graduated top of her class for the MSc programme in Wine and Spirits Management. During that year she started getting interested in CSR and diversity in the wine industry and their impact on consumers.  

She is now a research assistant and PhD student in the Food, Wine and Hospitality Centre of Excellence, studying the impact of new CSR initiatives on consumers, specifically regarding social responsibility and diversity.  

She previously worked in wine production as an entrepreneur, giving her strong ties / connections to the reality of the field. 

Diana Arcila Perdomo

Diana Arcila is a research assistant and doctoral student in the field of customer experience and memory investigation at KEDGE and L'université de Bordeaux. Before her current role, Diana worked at Wavemaker, an international communications agency, where she managed marketing campaigns for Netflix, Cartier, American Airlines, and Colgate, among other brands. She has also been working as a professor since 2019 previously at the University of La Sabana and now at KEDGE. Those two positions drove her to understand more about customers’ minds in the academy. 
She is interested in researching memory, customer experience, and customer behavior in the food, wine, and hospitality industry.

PHD Students